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Address:  5 Onondaga Ave, San Francisco, CA 94112

What They Say About Us

Chloe R.

"The floors of this house were really messed up when we moved in. I thought it’s alright since we won’t be staying long. But after my daughter slipped and injured herself on the messed-up part of the floor, I knew I had to do something. Lucky for me, this team can restore old floors and install new planks. Now, everyone is safe and the floors look awesome!"

Joanna E.

"I didn’t like my room’s flooring. When I finally got my budget, I immediately called for a flooring revamp. I had carpets installed and now my room looks gloriously classy! No regrets!"

Oliver M.

"My cafe does not look so cozy with concrete floors. I can’t really change the flooring to wooden planks since I’m just a tenant in this commercial building. Fortunately, this team can do floor sanding. They polished my concrete floors and made them look shiny and new. It matches my cafe decors and attracted more customers. So glad I hired them!"